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Please click on the APPLY NOW button to enter your team.

Entry Deadline:  August 18, 2023.  After this date, teams will be able to register but will be placed on the wait list and a $50 late fee will apply if accepted.


U7/U8 - $175 (Friday night only)

U9/U10 - $475

U11/U12 - $625

U13/U14 - $750

U15 & Up - $800


  • Teams will need a Gotsport account to apply.

  • Credit card is the only method of payment.  We will cover the transactions fees.

  • Teams will not be charged or accepted until August 4.

  • No refunds will be give after the team is accepted into the tournament.

  • All hotel reservations need to be made by August 24, 2023 to receive the Phoenix Rising Cup rate. You can find more information under the Travel tab, or click the HOTEL RESERVATION LINK.

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